Trapped Donkeys rescued from karnali river suspension bridge, two die tragically

KATHMANDU-Eleven of the 13 donkeys  stuck in the middle of a suspension bridge over the Karnali river have been rescued alive. Two of the animals have however died. The donkeys  were stuck after the deck of the bridge tilted and their feet got caught up in the hole of the wire mesh that formed the side bar of the bridge.

A part of the bridge’s deck made of steel mesh suspended as the mules were walking over the suspension bridge linking Kalekanda, Panchadeval Binayak municipality-9 in Achham district and Khidkijyula of Aathbis municipality-6, Dailekh district.
Deputy Superintendent of Achham Police, Santosh Pathak, said that the animals were rescued by cutting the wire mesh of the bridge and dropping them in the river. “Two donkeys  died in course of the rescue by cutting the wire mesh of the bridge. We have been successful in rescuing alive the remaining mules with the help of boats,” he explained.

A section of the deck on right side of the bridge had tilted as a herd of donkeys  were  crossing and the donkeys  got their legs stuck in the wire mesh.

A team each of the Gorakhbaks Company of Nepali Army, the Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force, and the locals were involved in the rescue.

Donkeys are still widely used to transport essential supplies to most parts of the Karnali and Sudur-Paschim provinces.

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