Traditional Sherpa fashion

Sherpa traditional clothing and women’s ethnic jewelry (khaw) :

Sherpa Women Traditional Attires/ Jewelry

Sherpa Women traditionally wear long-sleeved floor-length dresses of thick wool called tongkok. A sleeve-less variation called angi is worn over a raatuk (blouse) in warmer weather. These are worn with colourful striped aprons; metil aprons are worn in front, and gewe in back, and are held together by an embossed silver buckle called kyetig.
Sherpa jewelry : along angi, women wears “Gau” with necklace of gold, pearls, turquoise, coral, dzi beads, glass and other semi-precious stones !

Sherpa Traditional Attire and Men’s Jewelry :

Authentic 3 Eyes DZI

Sherpa dress or Tibetan dress or Bhutia dress or Chuba/ Chupa,  or Bakhu is a traditional dress worn by ethnic people of Nepal . which fall to slightly below the knee. Chhuba is tied at the waist with a cloth sash called kara, Traditionally, chhuba were made from thick home-spun wool, or a variant called lokpa made from sheepskin. Chhuba are worn over tetung , a blouse (traditionally made out of bure, white raw silk) also Sherpa men’s wear a dZi neckless “dZi “precious jewel of supernatural orign” The Sherpa and Himalayan people believe dZi beads are spiritual stones fallen from Heaven which bring good karma to those who own them. the ancient Dzi absorbs cosmic energy from the universe. Sherpa and Himalayan people generally believe that dZi beads are of divine origin and therefore not created by human hands. Some say they are dropped by the Gods to benefit those who have the good fortune to find them. Since they are believed to have a divine source, they are considered to be a very precious and powerful amulet.


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