Japan offers dating website renting fake boyfriends & girlfriends

JAPAN– In  Japan many people are overworked or struggle to connect with others socially.

In fact, there is a loneliness epidemic there, with 1.5million people classed as social loners, according to a government survey.

As a result, there has been a rise in the popularity of websites offering a solution to those who struggle to form intimate relationships – fake girlfriends and boyfriends for rent .

One website offering girlfriends for hire is tokyo.rent-kano.net.


It lists ‘Nagi‘ as being available for rent from 12,000 yen (£64/$80) for two hours. She says in her bio that she ‘makes bread and sweets and watches anime’ on her days off and that she is ‘calm’.

YouTuber Harry Jaggard tried out the service, paying $400 (£321) for ‘rental and activities’ with ‘Eri‘, who explains in her bio that she’s ‘shallow’ and that ‘most of her conversations burst into laughter’.

She adds that she likes cafe tours, shopping and alcohol.

Jaggard said after the date: ‘It was the most ridiculous, expensive date I’ve ever had – but we enjoyed it and it’s still cheaper than having an actual girlfriend.’

Women looking for a male companion, meanwhile, could rent thirty-four-year-old Takahiro Satonaka via rentalkareshi.com from 7,000 yen (£37/$46) per hour.

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