Durga Prasai leads ‘mega campaign’ protests begins in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU– The protest event  organized by businessman and pro-monarchy activist Durga Prasad began in the capital with the release of a pair of pigeons today. Demonstrators marched to the Bhrikuti Mandap neighborhood from starting points in Narayangopal Chowk, Chabahil, Koteshwar-Baneshwar, Lagankhel, Balkhu, Kalanki, Kirtipur, and Balaju-New Bus Park. Previous similar demonstrations attracted thousands of participants.

The protest, launched as a part of the ‘Saving Nation, Nationality, Religion, Culture, and Citizen Rescue Campaign’, commenced last year on Falgun 1 in the presence of the former King Gyanendra Shah. The group has been advocating for the restoration of monarchy and the reinstatement of Nepal as a Hindu state.

Authorities will likely deploy additional security personnel around the Bhrikuti Mandap area and at government buildings across Kathmandu. Demonstrators will probably march along or block roadways, prompting localized transport disruptions. Associated localized business disruptions are likely. Security personnel may forcibly disperse protestors, especially if they become overly disruptive. Clashes with security forces and between opposing rival activists cannot be ruled


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